“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies.”

~Friedrich Nietzche

Yoga & Somatics

Yoga is an art, science and philosophy of human development.  Yoga provides us a path and practices for integrating mind, body and heart so that we can fully open to all that is present.  Our mind and bodies are prone to habitual patterns that create resistance.  Practice helps us become aware of our physical and mental habits and the tensions that we hold.  Practice can help us become aware of and change habits in thinking, release tension and make space for our deepest nature to emerge.  With connection to this part of our self, we can live our lives more fully.  When we are wholly present, our relationship to everything changes and we naturally experience the fullness and interconnectedness  of life.

Hanna Somatics is a system of body work that assess a person’s habitual posture and then resets and retrains the neuromuscular system to provide easier and more efficient posture and movements.  Retraining happens by building body awareness and accessing neuromuscular connections that have been lost by a process called, “sensory motor amnesia”.  With gentle muscular contraction and release, the nervous system remembers true rest and optimal range of motion.   This retraining of posture and movement patterns can relieve much chronic tension and pain.  Pain free movement creates ease in the body and mind. Strength and true power emerges from this place of ease, alignment and stability.

Our life is experienced through our body-mind.  When practiced together, Yoga and Somatics, have the potential to bring us more awareness, balance energy and create a foundation for self healing.    With freedom in breath and movement, we reconnect to the fullness of life through our body.  In calm presence, our mind can include the intelligence of body, engage the neuro-pathways for complex problem solving and open to clear interpersonal connection.  Within this wholeness we have access to our deepest knowing and the wisdom of heart.

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