The Freedom Series

In the fall of 2018, in partnership with This Old Horse Inc., we welcomed to our farm the “The War Horses”, a group of 4 old sheldon mustangs that were rescued from a failed sanctuary. From the day they arrived and through the 10 months that they roamed our pastures, one thing was made clear to us; freedom has nothing to do with fences. Freedom is a felt sense. It is state of body-mind that can be lived regardless of age, hardship or circumstances. The Freedom Series was inspired by this time with the wild ones, 20 years of of study in mind-body health and the learnings of family life in partnership with Nature.

The Freedom Series is progressive workshop series with a small group therapeutic focus. By experiential learning we will gain skills to release habitual tension, gain stability and better understanding of our body-mind connection. With increased awareness, there is potential for ease in our body, clarity of mind and authenticity in relationship. The series consist of two 6-week workshops and a 2-day farm retreat. Release is the first 6-week workshop where we learn practices of Yoga and Hanna Somatics for becoming aware of and releasing habitual tension so that we can regain a healthy posture, restore energy and bring more connection to our whole self. Power and Presence is a continuation of this work. With the release of chronic tension, we will find access to our always-present inner stability and the qualities of power and peace that are naturally found in true alignment and full body presence. This “coming alive” to a kind of whole-ness, is full of renewed potential.   When the conditions are right, we will move outside and spend time with the herd where we will explore our own intuitive knowing and observe more subtle awareness of self and “other”. With experiential learning and home practice you will gain freedom in movement, somatic awareness and personal insight for living a more balanced and connected life.

The Freedom Series concludes with a 2-day workshop farm retreat. The Wild Heart Retreat will provide a small group experiences for healing and personal growth with mind-body practices and equine facilitated learning.

Classes will include practices and experiential learning in Hanna Somatics, Yoga, Somatic Coaching and equine facilitated learning as well as discussion for a basic understanding of neurobiology and the science of mind-body awareness and its affect on personal health and relationships.

Click on links below for information for each class.

SomaYoga Freedom: Release Beginning September 12th 2019 and January 19th, 2020
SomaYoga Freedom: Power and Presence Beginning April 23, 2020
The Freedom Series: Wild Heart Retreat  May 22nd and 23rd, 2020