The Freedom Series

Informed by the science of mind-body healing and inspired by nature, The Freedom Series will explore our potential to move from habitual reactions of contraction towards expanded awareness and embodied presence.  This course will introduce you to skills to strengthen mind and body for more stability, clarity and freedom.  The series is offered as a small group therapeutic program divided into two 8-week classes, and concludes with a 2-day farm retreat.  The work is progressive and is recommended to be taken in the order offered below.

Release Beginning September 12th 2019
Power and Presence Beginning January 16th 2020
Wild Heart Retreat  Summer 2020

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Wednesday Night Therapeutic Yoga 7-8pm

Beginning on September 25th.   Join us in the barn loft for this drop-in class designed to restore balance in mind and body.  The class will be a combination of practices from  Hanna Somatic, Yoga and other healing modalities.  You will learn simple techniques to facilitate release of chronically held tension, allow for restorative breath and provide ease in posture and movement.

This class will be lead by Amy Dickson.  Amy is a Certified Yoga Therapist specializing in SomaYoga Therapy and an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist. She has studied many related modalities and aims to deliver healing practices for body, mind and heart which elevate the awareness, function and resilience of the whole person.

Cost:  $15 per session.  This is a drop in class and is limited to 10 participants.  To reserve your place, please contact Amy by text message 612-597-2515




Yoga for Equestrians:

6 Weeks, Tuesdays 7-8pm begins March 24th

All human movement is a dance between the needs for both stability and mobility, the body-mind has to trust its stability before it allows mobility. Simply noticing your body’s perceptions is a primary skill for riders.” -Mary Wanless

Yoga for Equestrians will introduce you to practices in Yoga, Somatics and mindfulness to improve stability, balance, focus and awareness.

Hanna Somatics is a system of bodywork that assesses a person’s subconscious tensions and then retrains the nervous system to provide easier and more efficient posture and movement. Retraining happens by building body awareness and accessing neuromuscular pathways that have been lost to habitual holding. With gentle muscular contraction and release, the nervous system remembers how to let go of hidden tension. Ease, strength and stability arises within optimal alignment.

Yoga is the art and science of uniting all aspects of our self to be fully present. Practices helps us become aware of our tendencies of resistance in mind and body. Relaxation and focused attention help us align with our inner qualities of power and  and full presence. Alignment and awareness set the ground for clear communication and create the foundation for healthy, rewarding relationships.

In addition to practices, we will explore the science of mind-body connection and develop a basic understanding of interpersonal neurobiology, shedding light on the mystery of “feel” and opening our minds and hearts to what may be possible in our equine partnership.

Recommended books: The New Anatomy of Rider Connection by Mary Wanless and Somatics by Thomas Hanna

Cost:  $60.  For more information or to register contact: Brenda Linn HERE or call/text 612-839-1194